NBA betting for real money

The largest and most competitive basketball championship in the world cannot be left out. Let’s see how to make the best bet from Mexico in the NBA.

Bet on the winner

The traditional and simplest bet: which team will be the winner of the match? Look at the odds (odds) to find out which is the favorite team for victory.

Winner advantage

Bet on the difference in points that the winning team will have in relation to their opponent, that is, what the point advantage of the winner will be.



As we have already seen, the Handicap/Spread is a type of bet that gives the teams advantage or disadvantage points according to their favoritism. The favorite has a points disadvantage and you have to bet if the team will be able to match or overcome this difference.

Totals (Over/Under)

Here you have to bet if the total points of the game, adding the two teams, will be greater or less than a value determined by the bookmaker. For example: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls, the sum of the points will be greater than 150 (more) or less than 150 (less).

Quarter or half bets

Basketball is a sport in which playing time is divided into two halves and four quarters (ie, two quarters in each half). You can bet on the result of each quarter and on the partial result in the middle of the game. Example: who will be the winner of each quarter; who will be the winner of the first half of the match.

Points per quarter

Points per quarter

Here, you bet on the score of each quarter of the game and which quarter will be the highest scoring quarter.


Props are a type of bet made to guess which team will reach a certain number of points. For example, in a game between the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls, you can bet on which team will score 20 points first.

Parlays NBA

As we saw previously, the parlay is a combination of several bets of the same type. For example, you can bet on the winners of three matches between six teams. To win, you must hit all your predictions, that is, the three winners. In the case of the NBA, you can place multiple bet variations.

Even or odd result

Another very simple bet: you only need to say if the result of the match will be an odd or even value.

Future bets

As in previous sports, you can bet who will be the champion of the NBA season or which teams will reach the grand final of the championship. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home, at a trusted online betting site like Bodog.

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