Betting on American Football: NFL – Super Bowl

Due to its geographic proximity, here is the country with the largest audience for the NFL outside of the United States. Online betting clearly makes it possible to bet on the NFL.

The Super Bowl, the great final of American football, also has millions of fans. In this way, of course, the bookmakers generate a lot of profit with this sport. Find out what the American football betting odds are.

Bet on the winner

Traditional bet on which team will win in a given match. For many, this modality is the most famous of Progol and that is why they know it well, but there are other types of bets to consider.

Handicap Betting

This is a very specific type of bet, ideal for those who already have some experience. Here, the betting platform attributes advantages or disadvantages in the final result of the game to the teams that will face each other. The favorite team comes at a disadvantage while the other has an advantage.

For example, the San Francisco 49ers take on the New York Jets. In the sportsbook, San Francisco appears with the index −3.5, which means that the team is a favorite and, therefore, will enter the field as if it were already losing by at least 3 points. Thus, you have to bet if the team will be able to overcome this difference or not.


It is a very simple bet: you must indicate if the total points added will be greater or less than that established by the online betting platform. Example: San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets, total of 25. You have to bet if the total points of the game will be more or less than 25.

Future bets

Future bets

Again, here you have to bet on situations that will occur in the future, that is, for example, who will be the champion of the current NFL season or which teams will face each other in the Super Bowl.

This is one of the most popular betting modalities among people. They really enjoy this betting model which also ensures big wins in case of success.


A parlay is a type of combined bet and therefore very profitable. In this case, you must place two or more bets on the same ticket, but to win a parlay, you need all of your bets to be correct.


Teasers are a variation of parlay: this is a multiple bet in which the same number of points are added or subtracted from all selections made.

How to make a teaser? Here, you will have to select several bets on the same coupon and you will be able to modify the bet line (point spread) to reduce the risks. Just like parlay betting, to win, you need all of your selections to be correct.

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