History of online casinos

The history of these begins with the appearance of gambling in the world. And although we are not sure when each of them emerged, we do know when the first casino was founded.


Games of chance have accompanied humanity since ancient times, being transmitted from civilization to civilization and from culture to culture.

Their journey was long, they passed through China, Egypt, Rome, Greece, many places in Europe and America, until they reached all of us today.

These were played informally with no physical venue until the 17th century.


o di Venezia

The creation of the first casino dates from the year 1638 in Venice during the carnival.

The “Casino di Venezia” was founded as an elegant and exclusive place for the upper classes.

The most popular game at the time was Basetta (played with cards and similar to blackjack).

This was the precursor for everyone we know today.


The second on the list that marked a before and after, is the Monte Carlo Casino, inaugurated in 1856.

It was built by Francois Blanc, by order of Prince Charles III, as an economic benefit for Monaco.


The third stop in our casino story is obviously Las Vegas. Called “The City of Sin” it was created in 1905.

At present it is a tourist complex with:

  • spectacular casinos
  • events
  • Hotels
  • And many options to play and choose.

From Las Vegas, gambling activity spread to other countries and cities such as: Atlantic City, Macao, Nassau, Biloxi, Baden-Baden and many others. Cities that currently live from their betting houses.



At the end of the nineties, the Internet appeared in the world for our use. This incredible invention came to change our lives and the way we do things.

The year 1983 came to mark a before and after in history. In that year the US Department of Defense implemented the TCP/IP protocol. And although everything started as a closed network, by 1991 access was already for everyone.

This new opportunity that opened up with the use of the Internet did not go unnoticed by the industries, and especially by the gaming industry. Bookmaker operators saw this opportunity and thus online casinos appeared.

For us, the creation of the latter became a wonderful opportunity to access a world with thousands of options to play. A world full of fun and opportunities to win, which we can enter from the comfort of our homes. And currently there are great technological advances that promise to completely change our experience playing online.

Who were the forerunners on this path?

The pioneer country in regulating online casinos was Antigua and Barbuda in 1994. This country created the Free Trade Agreement and the Process Zone Law. The implementation of these two agreements allowed casinos to: become legal under the jurisdiction of this country and provide services to other countries.

The first casinos to be founded were: The Gaming Club and Intercasino. The Gaming Club, created in 1994 by The Palace Group, is the pioneer of this online betting market. And it is seconded by Intercasino created in 1996 by Microgaming.

In 1994, Microgaming became the first developer of casino gaming software. And in 2004, it was the first mobile online casino software developer.

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