Reel Gambler: A classic game with a very special twist!

If you are a fan of the classic slot games, those that were played in cabinets and only had three lines, three reels and various fruit symbols, then Reel Gambler is for you!

But wait, because the explanation of this game does not end here. The Reel Gambler makes us nostalgic for the old slots with a combination of cool features… Do you want to know more? In this article we tell you.

The Reel Gambler game

The design couldn’t be simpler. It features a 3×3 setup, with only 5 paylines and symbols like: watermelon, grapes, cherries and others. Everything is presented in the most classic way.

It may even be too simple for you because the illustrations are not the best. But that won’t stop you from wanting to play, because we have much more to tell you.

RTP, volatility and payouts

volatility and payouts

The RTP of this online casino game is 95.40% and the volatility is low, which means that the Reel Gambler awards wins quite often. The minimum bets are $0.20 and the maximum bets are $200. That means the game fits all budgets.

The highest paying symbol is the game logo. Three logos at the same time mean a profit of $400. The lowest value symbol is the cherry, which only awards $4 if it appears three times together. Check all the values in the game information, which is available from Bodog.

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Additional characteristics

Additional characteristics

This is where the complexity of the game lies and, at the same time, its charm.

When you get a winning combination on the pay lines, you are entitled to choose a bonus. There are seven options:

  • Winning Series – Unlock multiple winning rounds.
  • Victory Spin – Offers a guaranteed winning round.
  • Stop a Fruit – The game chooses a fruit and awards you a win with it.
  • Full House – Offers a free spin with the reels being filled with a single icon.
  • Red Repeater – The feature selects cards at random from the deck, with each consecutive red card offering a progressively larger win. The game ends when a black card appears.
  • Back to black: It’s like the red repeater, but with black cards.
  • Multiplier: Award a win and multiply your result by 10.

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Reel Gambler Conclusion

This slot offers potentially lucrative features and you will have a lot of fun because Reel Gambler is also an easy game to understand.

The developer of Realistic has masterfully managed to put together a classic with great features, which can usually only be found in more modern games. Slots like the Reel Gambler are not that easy to find!

Do not miss it! It is available on the Bodog website 24 hours a day and can be accessed from computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can sign up for free at Bodog and use the welcome bonus to further increase your playing cash.

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